We are a solid company, committed with our social and ecological environment, with ISO 9001 quality certification; we fulfill strict international norms and are endorsed by United Nations for not using substances that harms the ozone layer. PANEL W® is the market leader with more than 21’000,000 square feet installed annually (2’000,000 square meters), being pioneers in Mexico and Latin America with more than 1,100 sales locations, and providing technical support services to the customer. PANEL W® is a 100% Mexican Company that, since its foundation in 1975, has been conduced with solid ethical values, allowing a continued growth during the pass of the time.


Manufacture and commercialization of products and vanguard integral solutions that satisfy the speed, economy, quality and safety needs for the national and international building industry, supported on our values.


Keep the national leadership on panel sales, and enter to international markets, complying demanded standards and requirements.

What our clients say about us

``Our reality changed drastically the night of september 14th, when Odile devastated us... Nowadays the situation has been improving a lot, but it will take months to recover a 100%. About the constructions made with Panel W, they didn't suffer damages, except some walls that where poorly armed or that weren't well cimented, chains or structures. The constructions that suffered most of the damages where the ones made with sheetrock or similar materials...``- Arq. Rogelio Troyo Los Cabos, BCS 30 de Septiembre, 2014