Panel W


PANEL W® is a stronger construction system than traditional methods of building It is a very simple construction system, based on structural panels, made of steel-wire and an integrated insulation foam core. The panels are covered with concrete in the job-site to get complete reinforced concrete buildings.


PANEL W® is the market leader with more than 21’000,000 square feet installed annually (2’000,000 square meters), being pioneers in Mexico and Latin America with more than 1,100 sales locations.



With PANEL W® in a single product is provided the structural element and the insulation, without the need of any further formwork because it does the concrete form function by itself.


what our customers say about us

José Manuel Ledesma Barajas

Uruapan, Michoacan, November 23, 2015 TESTIMONY Being part of this network distribution for over 25 years, it is a great satisfaction for us, besides feel honored and proud to announce it. By the way it reminds us that start when rightly offered to our Director, Mr. Jesus Guillermo Ledesma Barajas (RIP) this innovative technology for building, sensitively who immediately sensed that would be a good business opportunity for our company. At first we dealt with the distrust of people to break with traditional ways of building and fear of other teachers, placing its workforce to implement these "new" products; It was hard work together to provide information and training to our clients, architects and engineers. Tenaciously track to be gaining the image of lightweight solutions, currently prevailing in our region began. With Panel W®, we continue presence in small and large projects, worthy of admiration for its versatile architecture. It is noteworthy that when competition arrived with various products, our customers have remained true to the brand Panel W®. We are delighted to hear sometimes request expressions like, "I prefer Panel, but the real one". In previous years several distributors were opened here in Uruapan, giving as undescontrol result in prices, with the consequent lack of control of the local market, without any benefit for both the manufacturer and the network. This situation also led to other localities entered intermediaries and do the same, with similar negative consequences. After successful action name us wholesale distributors, it has achieved price stability in the market, always supervised by you through your sales consultant. Currently, we are serving our sub-distributors, achieving more outlets with good profile. Materiales Ledesma, consider that Panel W® is an icon and definitely the best option. Best regards.

Ing. Daniel Morell Cicero Gerente General PREFABRI-MART, SA DE CV Villahermosa, Tab.

I appreciate the privilege and honor of being distributors for 25 years, the best quality Panel market. The purpose of the largest and most successful companies is moving forward, improve and innovate, to achieve full customer satisfaction and Concrete W is one of them. We will continue strong brand and grateful for all the support over the years.

Central Mayorista de Paneles Distribuidor W desde 1994.

Panel W® is a product with high projection in the construction market, for its mechanical, thermal and acoustic


According to the years we have worked with Concrete W, service deliveries been on time and without a hitch, people are happy with the quality of the product and brand. Thanks for your attention

Arq. Felipe Eulloqui Silva

We are distributors of Panel W®, for over 20 years and we have been part of the great constructive developments in Guadalajara, providing the quality our customers Panel W®.

Arturo Ocegueda Director

Being part of the family of Panel W® for so many years, both in product quality and the treatment of its staff makes us feel proud to be part of it, more than proven its prestige gives us support and confidence in this market of construction. Congratulations for this 40 years of being the leader and number 1 !!


Since 1996 and to date I have had the opportunity to become a distributor of Panel W®, I have had the satisfaction of selling the best panel that exists in the Mexican market. And I think the growth that the company can give to the future and take me to my employer to grow my business.

Arq. Jose Luis Ramirez Triana Manager

Materiales Ligeros Para Construcción S.A. de C.V. We are pleased and congratulates Concrete W for being my provider Panel W for over 25 years, this time the service and product quality have been excellent, innovation that has characterized the company has positioned us in our region as leaders to provide building products that allow end users to quickly and economically in their buildings and construction solutions with traditional systems are very complex.

Gabriel Perez de la Mora - CEO - PEREZ DE LA MORA, SA DE CV - Ciudad Guzman, Jalisco.

I’ve been fortunate to be a distributor of PANEL W® from about 24 years ago, initially I made the distribution only for self consumption, people looked in disbelief and said that construction was going to fall, there was no confidence in the product, but over the years the Panel W® is positioned as an indispensable material in modern construction due to its speed, versatility, durability and especially for its lightweight, today I use it in all my works and consequently much it increased demand.

Ing. Benjamín Rodríguez Palafox ACEROS Y TUBULARES DE LA COSTA SA DE CV

My comments about the construction system branded PANEL W® are simple and specific: as a brand is the most recognized much in the market as well as for its excellent quality and in the market or through the construction talk PANEL is talk of PANEL W®.

Ing. Edgardo Cruz, Builder and Investor, in Hermosillo, Son.

"Searching to contribute to the protection of the environment, I decided on Panel W® construction condo building on three levels, here in Hermosillo, Son. It also offers me the opportunity to save on construction process because neither ‘dalas’ or castles is not needed, creating a very safe for the area, which has moderate earthquakes monolithic structure. "

Ing. David Vega Sallas, Distributor and Installer of Panel W®, Los Mochis, Sin.

"The main advantage with Panel W® is how quickly you get up any building, coupled with that is the thermal property offering us, and this is reflected in significant savings in the consumption of electricity, that is, the receipt light comes with less amount "

CHAPEL CERRITO - Santa Ana Maya, Michoacan.

My Friends, that's how it turned the roof of the chapel in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe, that in the best locality known as "El Cerrito" Col. Guadalupe in Santa Ana Maya Michoacan. For this work a product called PANEL W® was used which has several virtues such as practicality, durability, easy installation and above all economic. We take this opportunity to thank the dealers who gave us all the support, among this, advice and credit facilities. We still have much, but what we are achieving with the support of all !! Pictures link:

Architect Rogelio Troyo -. Los Cabos, BCS - September 30, 2014

"Our reality drastically changed the night of September 14, when Hurricane ODILE devastated us ... Today the situation has improved greatly, but it will take months to recover 100%. With regard to buildings with Panel W®, they not damaged, except for some bad block built fences armed or did not have foundation, chains or castles. The buildings that suffered most damage were those made with drywall or similar materials ... "